If you are ready to accelerate the growth of your business even faster, consider becoming a Platinum Member of CEO Space.

Gold Membership


Tax deductibility

Grow your business on site

Sales free zone - no "up-sells"

Free coaching and mentoring on site

16-hours of "deal meals" with the faculty; 16-hours of Master Mind Meals are included

Return to the entire program for free for the rest of your life (meals are additional cost)

You may bring your teenagers to our acclaimed Young Entrepreneur Program (Select programs)

Platinum Membership


Platinum Membership includes everything in Gold Membership plus . . .

Advanced classes

Exclusive community

Platinum-to-Platinum marketing

Free expo booth ($345.00 value)

Preferred seating and special recognition

Special name badge and Platinum recognition

Chairman and Friends private classes and meals

Platinum level private coaching with the Chairman

25% discount on all DVDs, films, and product sales

Always first access to new and legacy faculty members

Break-out classes exclusively for and with Platinum members

Accelerated growth in your business, compressing time and cost

Platinum members projects are made known to the entire membership

Free Conference Collection - video collection of the Forum ($346.00 value)

Platinum one-on-one and group coaching calls, in between Forums, with the Chairman

Greater access to capital so Platinum Members have the ability to raise capital much faster

First access to the meal room to ensure you get to sit with the faculty member of your choice

In addition to the Chairman's personal coaching, you have access to the legacy faculty's expertise and coaching

VIP Platinum lunch; one-on-one coaching and recording, as well as special VIP guests providing additional coaching


Explore is Platinum is right for you - call 575.613.2680